Renewing ILT’s Head Office: A Step Towards Sustainability

ILT’s Head Office has received some much-needed remedial work, presenting a unique opportunity to not only modernise the office space but also to set the stage for improved renewable energy outcomes.

Last year, ILT’s Board enthusiastically approved the installation of solar panels on the roof, a step towards promoting sustainable practices within the organisation.  

ILT chair Paddy O’Brien explains the organisation’s approach towards sustainability has always been one of continuous improvement.

“We are advancing on our sustainability journey, and the installation of solar panels is a key component of our broader strategy. This effort, in conjunction with other projects like the Ascot Park Boiler conversion and ILT’s nursery development, demonstrates our commitment to improving energy efficiency where possible,” he said.

“It’s really pleasing to progress with this project, whilst also continuing to support the community. Our donation by the end of last year reached over $4 million.”

Local company Naylor Love led the redevelopment and Project Manager Nick Jones said they were delighted that ILT shared their vision towards sustainability.

“ILT incorporated energy saving design features within the fit out and as the construction company, we saw our role in reducing waste sent to landfill. Through collaboration with our subcontractors and suppliers we were able to achieve 40% of all demolition waste, and onsite construction waste being diverted from landfill,” Mr Jones said.

During each phase of the project, careful consideration was given to reusing products wherever feasible. Examples include repurposing a water cylinder and utilising insulation.  

The local connections continue with McCulloch Architects designing the new Head Office space. The new floor plan maintains the same dimensions as the previous site, but the space is more efficiently used, accommodating multi use rooms and an open plan design that is contemporary and welcoming.

ILT chief executive Chris Ramsay said, “we are committed to our people, and the Head Office refurbishment is a continuation of this approach. We’re delighted to create a positive work environment for our team and one that more accurately reflects our organisation’s values.”

Tansley Electrical completed the solar panel installation during the office redevelopment. The system was designed to generate sufficient power for the office to be self-sufficient, with the potential to export excess power back to the grid.

ILT’s Head Office team are now back in their newly refurbished space, above Centrepoint Liquorland, at 252 Dee Street. They are open and ready to welcome visitors. If you need any assistance with scholarships, grants, or operational matters, don’t hesitate to get in touch as their contact details remain the same.