Grants and Donations

Contributing to a vibrant Invercargill

ILT and the ILT Foundation provide donations and sponsorships to a level of approximately $8 million annually to over 300 organisations during the year. 

From education, health and wellbeing to recreation and the arts, we return funding that positively impacts on our community via a diverse array of organisations. 

We are proudly for our community and continue to seek ways to positively impact on the lives of those of us who are lucky enough to call Invercargill home.

World Class Facilities

Continuing to support the ILT Stadium Southland/Velodrome which is a multi purpose venue, capable of hosting a wide range of events from large scale concerts to sporting events and exhibitions. Funding the construction of the Grace Street project, hockey turf and football grounds to mention just a few.

Arts and Entertainment

Ensuring our arts, culture and entertainment community continues to thrive through events such as ILT Art Awards, Southland Entertainment Awards, Invercargill Musical Theatre productions and the ILT Kidzone Festival. Plus adding some significant art pieces to the city such as Mia (NZ’s largest mural), touchstone Sina’s Seed and the exciting works of South Sea Spray.

Education and Youth

Supporting the growth and development of our youth through up-to-date classroom technology, ILT Tertiary and Trade Scholarships, Enrich@ILT and our learn to swim programme. We’ve also recently invested in youth mental health services Chatbus and The Mitey Programme.

Clubs and Associations

Supporting hundreds of clubs and associations who provide a variety of opportunities for our hāpori to be connected and engaged.

Health and Wellbeing

Assisting organisations who support the health and wellbeing of our community. For example, through donations to Diabetes Southland, Hospice Southland, Presbyterian Support Services – Family Works and Southland Help.

Active Recreation

Everything from grassroot sport, school age representative, individual and team sports, through to being the major funder of our three main professional sports teams; the Southern Steel, the Southland Stags and the Southland Sharks.

Grants and Funding

I think I’m ready to apply but I have questions?

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Complete the application form if you meet the funding criteria, and we will get back to you with more information.

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ILT Tertiary Scholarships

ILT proudly supports today’s students; tomorrow’s leaders!

The ILT Tertiary Scholarship Programme was introduced in 2007 and is designed to select up to 65 Invercargill students each year who will receive a scholarship to attend a tertiary education institution.

Each scholarship is granted for a three year period so in any one year up to 180 Invercargill students can hold ILT scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Must be a New Zealand born citizen or have been granted permanent residence in New Zealand.
  2. Must have permanently resided in the ICC rate paying area for at least 2 years.

Scholarships are not available for:

  1. Those who live outside of Invercargill but who temporarily board in Invercargill.
  2. Those who enroll in a course where no ongoing tuition fees are charged.
  3. Those who have already commenced their study.

Grants Allocated

Funding where it matters

Below is a list of grants allocated by ILT over the past year:

Allocated 23 April 2024 – Download

Allocated 25 March 2024 – Download

Allocated 7 March 2024 – Download

Allocated 1 February 2024 – Download

Allocated 14 December 2023 – Download

Allocated 16 November 2023 – Download

Allocated 28 September 2023 – Download

Allocated 31 August 2023 – Download 

Allocated 27 July 2023 – Download

Allocated 29 June 2023 – Download

Allocated 25 May 2023 – Download

For the full grant schedule from previous years please refer to the relevant Year in Review or Annual Report on the About Us page.