Paddy O’Brien appointed as the new president of ILT

The new ILT board meet on Wednesday 19 October for the first open meeting since the local elections. 

Incumbent members Paddy O’Brien, Suzanne Prentice, Angela Newell and Sean Bellew were joined by newly elected members Sheree Carey and Graham Hawkes. 

Paddy O’Brien was unanimously appointed as the new president of ILT. He takes over from long standing president Alan Dennis, who retired from the board after 21 years of service to our community. 

Angela Newell was re-elected as deputy president, a position she has held since the by-election in 2021. 

In his inaugural address to fellow board members, Mr O’Brien expressed his desire for them to embody the values of ILT’s, with particular emphasis on trust and integrity. 

“I’ll make only one promise to you, and that is that I will give it 100%. And I ask in return that you give it 100%,” he said. 

Mr O’Brien believes the organisation is in good shape and he doesn’t intend to make any major changes. 

“I think it is time to catch our breath but we also continue to look forward,” he said. 

He intends to make minor adjustments to how meetings are structured and all board members will be given the opportunity for further governance training.