ILT set to award staff wide bonus

ILT plans to reward its team members for pulling together through a busy and challenging trading period.

ILT President Paddy O’Brien said this is a genuine thank you to all the team for their hard work, particularly when staff levels were constrained due to the challenges created by the current employment market and Covid related illness. 

“We are pleased that so many of our community are back enjoying our hospitality. Not only has this resulted in vibrancy around the city, but it has also helped us to achieve a strong financial performance,” said O’Brien.

“The contributions and impact that every member of our organisation has made during this difficult year is nothing short of extraordinary. We want to recognise that by sharing the success they have helped to create,” said O’Brien.

All active ILT employees, from full time through to casual staff, are set to welcome the bonus in their pay packet this week. The bonus has been structured in a way to ensure it is fairly distributed across all of the ILT team. This includes seasonal students, who will also benefit from this.

ILT Chief Executive Chris Ramsay said this bonus is about acknowledging our amazing team. 

 “We are on track to exceed $7 million in donations for this financial year, which is ahead of last year. It’s really pleasing to be able to recognise our staff, whilst continuing to positively grow our donations back to pre-Covid levels,” Ramsay said.  

“We are committed to our people and know we have a competitive remuneration plan in place. This staff wide bonus is a values based decision, ensuring we walk the talk of looking after our ILT family, our community.”

“We can’t thank our people enough for their continued commitment to our organisation, which in turn has helped our donations to the community increase.”

“This is a great decision by our board. We are for our community and this will directly benefit our team, and we know there will be a positive flow on effect for the wider community,” Ramsay said.