Farewell to Neville

Last week, we bid farewell to an ILT stalwart, Neville Foster, as he retires from his role as Centrepoint Distribution Manager after an impressive 30 years with ILT.

Neville has had a significant impact on ILT across a number of businesses, particularly in his role overseeing Centrepoint Distribution. Managing such a complex operation requires meticulous attention to detail, and Neville’s dedication has ensured ILT’s reputation as a large-scale liquor wholesaler is well respected at a national level.

Throughout his career, Neville enjoyed success in our hospitality businesses including a stint at the Grand Hotel when it was owned and operated by ILT and managing the Newfield Tavern.

We thank Neville and congratulate him on his remarkable achievements at Centrepoint, at ILT and for our community. As previously announced Simon Frisby has been awarded the highly contested position and has been working closely with Neville during the handover period.