/ Grants & Donations

ILT and the ILT Foundation provide donations and sponsorships to a level of approximately $8 million annually to over 500 organisations during the year.

These include Invercargill’s ILT Stadium Southland and the Velodrome which are great examples of the special community initiatives that ILT has been able to instigate/support to the benefit of our community.

These projects have demonstrated that local agencies, councils and businesses can work together to create something special for their community.

Sports Funding

ILT is a major funder of many sports, including:
Rugby, Touch Rugby, Netball, Tennis, Cycling, Golf, Cricket, Bowls, Rowing, Swimming (including the Kids Learn to Swim Programme)
…to name but a few. These are just some of the over 500 organisations that receive funding support from ILT and ILT Foundation every year.

Education Funding

ILT and ILT Foundation officially launched the Interactive Whiteboard Project in March 2006, following an 18-month trial of the technology in Invercargill schools. Interactive whiteboards are large, touch-sensitive boards connected to a computer using a digital data projector. The combination of video, colour and sound, along with access to a range of resources, means teachers can provide interactive material across all areas of the curriculum.

The total education spend by ILT and the ILT Foundation is nearly $5 million in the past four years. Each interactive whiteboard package is worth $12,000 and includes an interactive whiteboard, digital camera, digital projector, wireless slates and wireless keyboards.

ILT Tertiary Scholarships

The ILT Tertiary Education Scholarship Programme was introduced in 2007 and is designed to select up to 60 Invercargill students each year who will receive a Scholarship to attend a Tertiary Education Institution.

Each Scholarship is granted for a three year period so in any one year up to 180 Invercargill students can hold ILT scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Must be a New Zealand born citizen or have been granted permanent residence in New Zealand.
2. Must have permanently resided in the ICC rate paying area for at least 2 years.

Scholarships are not available for:

1. Those who live outside of Invercargill but who temporarily board in Invercargill.
2. Those who enroll in a course where no ongoing tuition fees are charged.
3. Those who have already commended their study.

Applications Forms

These are available from ILT Head Office, 1st floor, 252 Dee Street or by clicking on the links below:

Click here to download our ILT Tertiary Scholarship Application form

Click here to view our ILT Tertiary Scholarship Application Policy

ILT proudly supports today’s students; tomorrow’s leaders!