/ Community Support

Licensing Trusts have a unique social mandate - to sell alcohol with care, moderately and responsibly.

Profits are not the sole objective of ILT and with its publicly elected Board and community ownership there is a direct accountability back to its public.

A key objective of ILT is to contribute to our community in a number of important ways:


Donations and Sponsorship

ILT and ILT Foundation provides donations of approximately $8 million annually to over 500 organisations. For further details, see our Grants and Donations page.


Promotion of Conferences and Special Events

ILT actively promotes conferences and seminars and provides both financial and personnel support to those organisations hosting Conferences/Seminars in the City. We also help attract events to the city through funding and by providing personnel and expertise to local groups. This activity benefits our city and many organisations as well as ILT itself.


Promotion of the Southern Region

ILT actively promotes Invercargill and the southern region of New Zealand as a tourist, events and conference destination. ILT plays its part in regional promotional activity, both in New Zealand and abroad as well as working with the local regional tourism organisation to ensure we contribute to the marketing of our region.


Sport and Recreation

ILT supports nearly every sport played in Invercargill as well as funding professional coaching and development programmes in many sporting codes. This enables those sports to develop infrastructures that benefit thousands of young Southlanders. The leading role ILT adopts in assisting and promoting high profile sports such as the Southern Steel Netball Team and Rugby Southland are well known.


The Local Economy

ILT is a major contributor to the prosperity of our city with the employment of over 700 people and, in addition, the purchase of local goods and services amounting to in excess of $26 million provides a significant boost to the city economy.


Reinvestment Programme

Over many years ILT has invested a substantial amount of funds in new projects and businesses as well as redeveloping its existing properties in order to ensure it continues to provide the very best standard of licensed premises and accommodation facilities within the city of Invercargill.